Aftercare Centre


The Hatfield Christian School Aftercare Centre was started in 1995, ten years after the school started. The Centre endeavours to serve parents whose children need supervision and care after their normal school day. The Centre uses the same discipline, training and correction programme followed by the school. Parents and are advised whenever the child has been counselled, corrected and trained in God’s ways.


The Aftercare Centre is open daily from 12h30 to 17h15 during the School Term dates as specified in the School Diary, and is closed during School holidays. A late collection penalty fee is charged.

The Program

Grades 00 and 0 arrive at the Centre. They change into play clothing, are served lunch and are encouraged to rest and play quietly.

Grade 1 to 3 are collected by Aftercare staff and escorted down to the Aftercare Centre. No child may wander down to Aftercare on their own.

Lunch is served to Grades 1 – 3.

Grade 0 Homework supervision starts.
Grades 4 – 6 arrive at Aftercare between 13h45 and 14h00.

Grades 1,2,3 homework supervision starts.
Lunch is served to Grades 4 – 6.

Grades 4 – 6 homework supervision starts.

Juice and biscuits (all).

Completion of homework. Free- play, games and computers until home-time.

Tidy up and pack away.




Homework is supervised at the Aftercare Centre. It remains a parental responsibility and parents are to check and sign the Diary daily. Any homework not completed at the Centre needs to be done at home.


A balanced cooked lunch is provided daily and fun lunches are provided on Fridays. Juice and biscuits are provided at mid-afternoon, daily. It is recommended for those children who will be staying after 16h00, that they bring along an extra snack/fruit to sustain them.


Please advise via the Diary, each term, which extra-murals your child will be doing at school and please send the appropriate attire. The pupils will be escorted to and from the venue for school extra-murals. Children are expected to report to the Centre before going to matches or extra-murals, so that they can be accounted for and also so that they can be given lunch.


Students are to wear school uniform during school hours and appropriate civilian clothing at the Aftercare Centre.


The staff:pupil ratio is 1:12 in the homework supervision class and on the playground.

Contact Numbers

Cell: 082 769 8659